The world’s best electric toothbrush

The secret is the combination of both sonic and ultrasonic technologies. Each is effective, but in combination there is nothing better.

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Superior Benefits

The Smilex toothbrush is the culmination of over 20 years of clinical research, product development and actual use by over a million customers worldwide.

Clinically-proven results in a single brushing

The Smilex toothbrush is clinically-proven to reduce plaque by 97% in a single use.

Improved gum health in just four weeks

After just 4 weeks, clinical studies showed a 60% reduction in bleeding gums and a 28% reduction of gingivitis.

A gentler brushing experience

Dual Ultrasonic and Sonic waves gently do all of the work for you without any hard brushing.

Unrivaled Features

The secret is the combination of both ultrasonic and sonic technologies.
Each is effective, but in combination there is nothing better.

Exclusive patented ultrasonic technology

Dentists and dental hygienists rely on ultrasound to clean teeth, fight gingivitis and treat periodontal disease and now you can too. 96,000,000 ultrasonic waves per minute kill the bacteria that cause plaque and gingivitis on teeth, gums, and up to ½″ (12 mm) deep into the tissue and gum pockets where no other brush or floss can reach.

Plus reliable sonic technology

In addition to 96 million ultrasonic waves per minute, the Smilex toothbrush features reliable sonic technology which generates 16,000 sonic waves per minute to gently vibrate the toothbrush head which scrub, polish, and remove food particles from your teeth.

Smart brushing timer

Turn the Smilex on and each 45–second interval during the dentist recommended 3–minute bushing period, a pulse is emitted telling you when to move on to the next quadrant of your mouth.

Long–lasting rechargeable battery

The long–lasting rechargeable battery in the Smilex lasts for over 2 weeks of twice–daily brushing and comes with a convenient charging base.

The ultimate gum massage

In addition to two brush heads, the Smilex also comes with a special gum massage head. This is the ultimate in gum massage, increasing blood circulation in the gums for the purpose of helping the healing process.

What people are saying…

“Pays for itself”
Before using the Smilex, I used to go to my dentist every 3 months for cleanings. Now I only have to go every 6 months and my dentist is impressed at how little plaque build up I have. The Smilex paid for itself with the money I’ve saved.Mark B. Conn.
“Highly recommended”
I was skeptical at first as you can't see or hear the ultrasonic waves. But it really works. My teeth are cleaner than ever and my gums are healthy. I highly recommend this brush to anyone. David W. N.Y.
“Love the clean feeling”
I love how clean my teeth and mouth feel afterwards. My gums aren't as sore and don't bleed anymore. Ann S. Fla.
“Dentist–clean everyday”
The Smilex is a fantastic brush! My teeth feel dentist–clean every day! Mary R. Tenn.

The Best Choice Among Brands

Compare for yourself and see why the Smilex is the best choice among brands.
Smilex Phillips
Emmi-dent™ Ultreo™
Price $179.95 $219.99 $189.00 $169.99
New Patented Ultrasonic Technology


True Ultrasonic
Dual Frequency Sonic & Ultrasonic
Ultrasonic Waves per Minute 96,000,000
(1.6 million per second)
(1.4 million per second)
(4 million per brushing)
Sonic Waves per Minute 16,000 31,000
Annual cost of toothpaste
(750 ml)
$15.00 $15.00 $59.90
(10 × $5.99)
Annual cost of replacement brushes $39.90
($9.97 ea)
($14.99 ea)
($6.24 ea)
($32.49 ea)
Lifetime Warranty
(2 Years)
Total First Year Cost $184.90 $264.98 $273.89 $314.97

What’s New

July 24, 2013
Robert T. Bock

A Letter from the Inventor of the Ultrasonic Toothbrush

I am Robert Bock, a biomedical engineer, and the inventor of the ultrasonic toothbrush. Read more…

Includes rechargeable toothbrush handle, soft and medium brush heads, a gum massaging head, charging base, brush cover, and manual.

Backed by a 45-day money–back satisfaction guarantee, a limited 1 year warranty, an “Unlimited Forever Warranty” and unlimited lifetime support.

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